Hydraulic Jacking system for tank erection

Tank Erection Jacks

No use of Scaffolding

Tank Erection Jack

Gone are the days when scaffoldings were used for erecting storage tanks, with the ease and minimum man power the tanks are erected with complete Hydraulic Tank Erection Jacks of any size.

Safety First

Jacking Equipments

The method of using Hydraulic Jacking System / Equipments for erecting a Storage tank has not reported a single accident for more then 2 decades, thus making erection of Tanks with Tank Erection Jack is much more safer.

Cost Cutting

Tank Jacking System

No crane or other lifting equipments are used, Lesser manpower, Costing Recovery in 3 - 4 Projects as all is managed by our Tank Erection Jacks.

Time Saving

Tank Jacking Equipments

Ground Level Working, minimum time requirement and fewer risk of accidents.

Easier Inspection

Tank Erection Jacking Systems

Ground level inspection is conducted in place of climbing to risky and uncomfortable places.

Welcome To SAI KRISHNA Engg Co

Sai Krishna Engg Co is a leading name for Tank Erection Jacks, Hydraulic Tank Lifting Jacks, Tank Jacking Equipments, Hydraulic Tank Jacking Systems and Hydraulic Jacking Equipments for tank erection, Tank Jacking Erection Systems Manufacturers Suppliers in Mumbai India. We offer variety range of 12, 18 and 25 MT hydraulic tank jacks, hydraulic jacking systems, tank jacking hydraulic equipment, tank jacking accessories, hydraulic power packs, tank testing equipments, steel tanks jacking equipment.

These Jacking Equipments and System framework is been utilized everywhere throughout the world. It gives you security, mishap free, quality and precise erection. As all the fabrication is carried out at the ground level. This system for tank jacking is easy to use adaptable very proficient and it has turned into a standard in the tank creation industry.

In the past tank development was done by using routine lift cranes. The shell courses were raised in the arrangement of base course first and by raising different courses in a specific order. This technique included working at expanding statures. This system had different obligations like security, and quality contemplations.

Notwithstanding, with more stress on wellbeing at development destinations, and more stringent quality control, the above technique for tank erection did not successfully meet present day prerequisites. This offered ascent to a completely new idea of raising the tanks whereby the erection work was confined near ground level and the part finished tank was pushed up. The base course was raised last.

This strategy for development is attained by utilizing various pressure driven jacks and a force source and is known as the "JACKING-UP" system.

Our Team of experts are very well proffesionally trained to face the tough conditions and provide quality results. The Team Members are provided with frequent training sessions to make them competent to understand the demands of the market.

Implementation of  Hydraulic Jacking Equipments for Tank Erection

  • Dismantling of Old worn out tanks

  • Repairing of Tanks

  • Repairing or Replace of Tank Bottom

  • Erection of storage tanks

  • Adding of shell rings or courses to Increase tank capacity

  • Tank foundation repairing






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